FMA Trade Group
We are an International Commodities Trading company:
Buying, selling, facilitating, matching demand and supply.
Large Markets Trade
Our expertise and networks are in large markets:
Commodities, power plants, construction, oil, minerals & ores, agriculture, investments & financing.
Business Consultancy
We also offer Business Consultancy related to Joint Ventures, government versus corporations, knowledge management, science and research.

Our mission & Offering

We are an international trading firm: buying, selling, facilitating, matching demand and supply. Our expertise and networks are in large markets like commodities, power plants, construction, gold, oil, minerals and ores, investments and financing.
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Exclusive Alliance Partner for
Ring Power Corporation (USA) in the MENA

Mission Statement

The global situation is everyone’s concern. We are all, at different levels, the Builders of our World. Whatever might occur in our world, our daily life would be affected so let’s be the First to worry about the World’s problems and the Last to harvest the rewards. The Peace and Prosperity of our World in the Future depend on the measures we bring in now to reach the Global Balance. The perpetual conflicts of interests must give way to the inspiration of Solidarity.Building a World living in Harmony leads to melt all the worldwide raising voices into a Collective Melody.
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FMA Trade Group

FMA Trade GroupFMA TRADE GROUP is founded to build bridges and to do trade with the consciousness of a new way of business.
Being aware and conscious about the needs, the aim and the vision is the first step to keep the service quality high.
We believe that nobody can do it alone in this world where we exchange energy and create our dreams. We all need each other to exist. We all are connected to eachother.

FMA TRADE GROUP is here to do it together; being part of the wishes, the goal and the benefits of your company & business.

FMA Trade Group aims to deliver at the best price, provide the best Quality & Continuity , a good operating performance and form the basis for this . Our strive for our clients is to be an efficient, reliable and solid partner.
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